Ben 10 vs zombie

Once Ben 10 has learnt about places in which zombies live. These blood-thirsty creatures only also do that eat live people so the peace population is threatened with danger. Ben 10 hastens to the aid, he has decided to finish alone with all zombies. Start to play, choose one of three levels of complexity and engage. It is necessary to you will battle in private to crowd of ruthless zombies which are ready to catch up with each live person. Our hero has three types of weapon, it is a pistol, a knife and guarantors. In each of levels you need to kill certain quantity of the zombie. On end of level you get to shop where can improve a loss of each weapon, buy more pomegranate and even to restore the life. If in the first level you battled to the zombie on a dump in the second level you get to an underground temple, then in desert and other districts. It is literally everywhere Ben 10 terrible zombies expect, and in due course them to become much more, and their force and grows in times. Shoot on them from a pistol, blow up pomegranates and earn more money and points.

Ben 10 vs zombie – y8 games

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