Flying Games

Spaceship racing 3D – y8 games
3D pipe racing – y8 games
Air battle – y8 games
Star wings – y8 games
Bionicle: Pohatu nuva – y8 games
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Fighter pilot – y8 games
Star rain – y8 games
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Frantic – y8 games
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3D stunt pilot – y8 games
Defender of the galaxy – y8 games
Rescue in Mars – y8 games
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Hikouki tomodachi – y8 games
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Flying Games. The sky always suited people to the open spaces, it such boundless and mysterious, beautiful! People thought out about it legends and legends, dreams soaring up. With the advent of aircraft the sky became closer, but N everything presume to themselves such fascinating experience. In electronic toys everything is simple: everyone who sat down at the monitor can fly up and learned to manipulate the console. In the interesting appendices united in category of game of Letalka the main characters presume to take pleasure to itself in fascinating flights on every possible devices: airplanes, planes and helicopters! Using a computer mouse, you should execute these tasks. These unique virtual toys will allow the gamer to master quite difficult flight control. Especially it is useful for those who else studies dexterous management of the keyboard and a mouse. After all exactly here you imperceptibly learn instant maneuvering by the car which flight will depend only on you!