Scooby Doo Games

Mystery Machine Motor Madness – y8 games
Shaggy’s Midnight Snack – y8 games
Creepy Cave Cave-In – y8 games
Survive The Island – y8 games
MVP Baseball Slam – y8 games
Reef Relief – y8 games
The Ghost Pirate Attacks – y8 games
Neptune’s Nest – y8 games
Terror In Tikal – y8 games
Pirate Ship of Fools – y8 games
Hurdle Race – y8 games
Hidden Objects – y8 games

Scooby Doo Games. In the section under the name of game of Skubi Du you can find all coolest on-line toys which are devoted to adventures of a dog of Skubi and four member teenagers of the Secret organization which help to open every possible mystical incidents, to prove that the other world does not exist. Though not all members of team so consider, but leaves exactly so more often. For carrying out investigation all share on groups more optimum to lead it. As a rule, the dog and his main friend by name of Sheggi go together and at once meet a monster, a ghost or any supernatural being! The role of each character is predetermined: Fred is considered the leader and the main detective, after all he is a man! Velma is the intellectual analyst who subjects every possible theories concerning events to criticism and offers own point of view, Dafna is that girl who is exposed to continuous attack from villains. It very beautiful and lovely. And two remained members are little cowards who are engaged in search of favourite food more often, than any desire to allow the set riddle in games.