Spongebob games

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Spongebob adventure

Spongebob games. This section which is called according to the name of the well-known animated cartoon SpongeBob, will be devoted to the protagonist of these American animated series.
Action in games are developed at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, in the small inhabited town under the Bikini name Bottom in whom sea inhabitants live. The protagonist call Sponge Bob Square Pants who lives in the house pineapple, it has an ulitochka by name of Gary which is considered for a cat in the underwater world. The character has friends, the main thing which Patrick Star being a starfish is. The bean works at restaurant of fast preparation, he is the best chef, the expert. It treats the business as to art that at it perfectly it turns out. The most tasty krabsburger leaving from under his shovel wait for you in toys SpongeBob.
The hero in games constantly gets to different situations which bring friends into the real adventures. Though Persians a little naive also behave as children, they very sincere and kind. You should overcome all difficulties which are prepared to heroes, to reach main goals and to be filled with good mood!