Spongebob adventure

The favourite pet SpongeBob was stolen, caged. But Bob did not begin to despair, and went for Gehry to rescue the friend from hands of villains. On its way a set of obstacles will meet, but also they will not stop our hero, after all so far the belief and love takes place to be in his heart, he will battle. Games SpongeBob free of charge suggest you to help the favourite animated hero to a sponge to Bob to rescue his favourite pet Gehry, for this purpose you will need to try very much, after all to make it not and it is simple.
You will need existence of the computer keyboard. So, before you a game field on which the obstacle course is represented, also you can see a cage in which sits Gehry and Spongebob. To operate, press keys arrows. You need to jump on ledges, to make the way more long on a strip and it is necessary to reach a cage to release Gehry.

Spongebob adventure – y8 games

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